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EvacuNet Vacuum Bag Patch Kit Nipple Patch Kit
Resin Impregnated Honeycomb Stitcher Veneer Cutter
2 & 3 Port Manifolds Veneer Tape Veneer Tape Dispenser
Hopper Glue Spreader Foam Rollers


When using a vacuum press, providing efficient air removal uniformly throughout the bag is a must. Usually this is done by the use of a platen board, normally a piece of 3/4" particle board or MDF having 1/8" grooves run in a grid pattern over its surface. Under certain circumstances a platen cannot be used and another means of air evacuation is needed.

The EvacuNet is made for this purpose. This material is a 1/16" course weave plastic netting that gets the air efficiently down to the exit hole of the bag. EvacuNet comes 40 inches wide, can be cut to any length and can be used over and over. Just lay it over the project being pressed making sure the end is over the exit nipple. (To see examples of EvacuNet uses, click here)

Price: $2.62 per linear foot    Order Now!


Vacuum Bag Patch Kit

Comes with a piece of the bag material, a tube of specially formulated glue that remains flexible after curing to stretch with the bag and 6 sticky backed patches for pin holes and quick fix temporary patching.

Price: $6.90   Order Now!


Nipple Patch Kit

Our nipple patch kit allows the user to relocate the bag nipple to a new location on either side of a vacuum bag. This is commonly done when one side or end of the bag gets worn from use giving the bag a new life. A nipple patch comes with one nipple heat welded to a 3" diameter patch for easy attachment, a tube of glue and a piece of bag material for patching the old nipple hole. Specify vinyl or polyurethane when ordering.

Price: $12.80   Order Now!


Resin Impregnated Honeycomb

We are constantly looking for new and appropriate products to offer with the VacuPress. We search for items that will assist the woodworker in achieving the highest level of quality and innovation in their work.

Recently, we added resin impregnated honeycomb to our product line. Honeycomb offers a core material that creates a light-weight, strong and extremely stable panel, free from the common problems associated with standard panel composition.

Honeycomb is easy to use, commonly sandwiched between 1/8" to 1/2" skins, with a solid wood edging around the panel. Honeycomb can be pressed with any standard woodworking glue and is offered un-skinned, making it useable on both flat and curved work.

We offer honeycomb in three thicknesses, 1/2", 3/4", & 1." Sheet sizes of 2' x 4' which can be laid together accommodating any size project.

All Honeycomb is 1/4" cell
  1/2" - $13.30
  3/4" - $18.66
  1"- $22.51     Order Now!


Veneer Stitcher

stitcher.jpeg (12635 bytes) Applying veneer tape and removing it after pressing often consumes an inordinate amount of time during the veneering process. A veneer stitcher can reduce that time to a fraction. Most stitchers are stationary floor models that start at $3,000.

The HFZ/4 zig-zag is a hand held model of the stationary type. A fiberglass thread covered with hot melt glue passes through a heating tube, laid down in a zig-zag motion over the veneer seam and pressed down by a following roller. Two angled rollers up front draw the veneer together for a tight seam. On full thickness veneers (1/32") the stitched side can be placed face into the glue. Either way this tool is a tremendous time saver for those that do enough veneering to step up from veneer tape but not enough to invest in a stationary model.

Price: $916.00    Order Now!


Veneer Cutter

veneercutter1.jpeg (10222 bytes) veneercutter.jpeg (11852 bytes)

This handy veneer cutter and trimmer is excellent for small quantity veneer seaming. The low angle knife blade cuts a clean, tear free line for a tight joint. Attach the removable fence and this tool becomes a trimmer for trimming overhanging veneer flush with the panel after its pressed. Each blade has 4 cutting edges for long use and comes with 10 blades.

Price: $62.00    Order Now!

Veneer Tape

We offer no hole and two hole, 3/4" veneer tape for face side taping and three hole tape for glue side taping. On the three hole tape the center row of holes is placed directly over the veneer joint allowing the tape to be pressed on the glue side of the veneer eliminating removal on full thickness veneers after pressing . Our tape is white and comes in 650' rolls.

Price $4.96    Order Now!

Veneer Tape Dispenser

This bench top pull and tear dispenser holds two rolls of veneer tape side by side. The water hopper and fabric roller applies just the right amount of wetness to gum veneer tapes. For shops regularly using veneer tape this dispenser makes it a pleasure.

Price: $195.00    Order Now!

Hopper Glue Spreader

This well made 7" cast aluminum roller type glue spreader holds a reserve of glue in the hopper with a internal metal roller for dispensing glue and a rubber roller underneath for spreading onto the panel. 

Pull the trigger and the internal roller engages the rubber roller dispensing glue, lift up and the rollers disengage allowing the rubber roller to evenly spread the glue.  It comes with a stand to hold the spreader when idle.

Price: $195.00    Order now!

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers offer a fast efficient way to spread a uniform glue line using urea resin and PVA glues on flat panels and bent laminations. We offer a 9" wide black foam roller that fits any standard paint roller frame. They can be washed out for reuse a number of times.

Price: $1.69 ea.  (Minimum Purchase: 4 rollers)  Order now!

2 & 3 Port Manifolds

Vacuum manifolds allow multiple bags to be operated off one pump at the same time. Our manifolds come with the same quick disconnects that are on the vacuum pumps so installing a manifold is quick and easy. Each port has a shut-off valve so bags can be operated individually. 2 port manifolds come with one extra host to the bag and 3 port manifolds come with two hoses. Available in 6 and 10 CFM flow rates.

2 port 6 cfm manifold $172.00
3 port 6 cfm manifold $205.00      Order now!
2 port 10 cfm manifold $228.00
3 port 10 cfm manifold $280.00

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